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A technique called “Soft Wash”


What Is Soft Washing?

“Less is more” applies when it comes to washing the siding of your house, composite deck, wood deck, or fence. Soft washing simply means to clean the exterior surface of a home or deck using a much lower amount of pressure. The high pressure method is a thing of the past in the pressure washing and power washing industry. You can reduce harm to the surfaces using a low pressure and higher volume of water technique, along with the correct combination of detergents. This produces significantly better results.


Reasons Why You Should Soft Wash Your Home

Healthier Home –Affect not only your home’s health but also yours. Once mold and algae grow on your home’s exterior, you’ll breathe them in every moment you spend in your home, and this regular exposure can lead to illness

Your home should be the healthiest, safest place for you. If unhealthy growths are rendering your home unsafe to be around, call for a professional soft washing. A soft washing will clean away those growths and help keep you healthy.

Increased Curb Appeal – Your home should be healthy, and it should help to keep you healthy. But health shouldn’t be the only thing you look for in a home. You should also strive to maintain a beautiful home, especially if you think you ever want to sell that home. After all, nothing sells a home quite as fast as curb appeal.

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